E-learning Technology Expands U.S. Enrollment

New technology has allowed educational institutions to take the distance out of distance learning, which has made online degree programs more popular than ever. “Growing by Degrees: Online Education in the US, 2005”, a report published last year by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, gives a very positive outlook on the future of online education. The report indicates that online…

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The Ins And Outs Of E Learning

The field of teaching has become revolutionized with the concept of E-learning. What is E-learning? E-learning, (which is also known as electronic learning), is when computers are used to assist in the learning process. The concept can be expressed in a variety of ways including through use of separate software, utilization of the Internet or even simulated ‘virtual’ environments. This…

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Can Online Education Replace Classrooms

Today, the internet is widely regarded as a major bridge linking the small and big, the possible and impossible, hidden and open and creating extensive possibilities across a wide spectrum. It strategically empowers the small guy to set up home-based business and pose like a giant concern. Even charities organizations are now thriving better through application if Internet resources. In…

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Reference Education

E Learning Effective Employee Training

Training is essential to any employee and provides not only a benefit to them but also to the company in increased productivity and employee job satisfaction. The high costs of travel combined with increasing strained budgets have meant that training can sometimes be the first thing to be cut when focusing on the bottom line. Companies are turning to a…

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Continuing Professional Development Cpd From Cpdwise Com

As the business world gets more and more competitive, many professionals are compelled to spend a higher percentage of their time pursuing the daily tasks of their job or profession rather than adding relevant knowledge and skills for the future. Attendance at educational courses, or even half-day seminars, has become prohibitively expensive, not in monetary terms, but in terms of…

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