Christian Mentoring Team To Help You Succeed In Life

It seems like more and more our society is discounting the importance of the role fathers play in their children’s lives. Whether it is the promotion of single parenting or the feminist movement, fathers have lost their status as the foundation of the family. This shift has had tremendous ramifications for today’s youth. Countless studies show that when the Father…

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Womens Issues

Controversial Implants Approved

On July twenty-eight 2005, the FDA ended a 13 year ban on silicone-gel breast implants and issued a letter of approval to Mentor Corp allowing the reintroduction of these controversial implants into the medical marketplace. This move came about as Mentor Corp. persuaded the FDA that its newer silicone implants are less dangerous and even more durable than older versions.…

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Why You Need A Mentor

Years ago, I decided I wanted to play the guitar. Keen and eager, I rushed out and bought a guitar, amplifier, effects pedals and a few books. I got it all home, plugged it all in and then made a noise that sounded like a herd of cats all caterwauling out of tune. After some days and weeks of struggling…

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Internet Marketing

The Newest Evolution Of Viral Marketing

The basic premise behind current Viral Marketing strategies is that a document, PDF file or email with the author’s URL (the address of the author’s sales website) embedded in it is designed to be freely circulated on the Internet. Two possible requirements are necessary to make the piece find its way around the web on its own merits. One prerequisite…

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Affiliate Marketing

Link Provides Awesome Opportunity

This article is being written in hopes to express that it is extremely simple to find valuable links on websites that you are visiting. Just recently, I was checking out a self-help site, trying to learn how to “manifest” wealth, when I ran across a link to a site that provided all sorts of resources for building my own website.…

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