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Menu Planning For Busy Families

Many families never plan menus. They go to the grocery store with no idea in mind of what they want to buy. Is it any wonder that there is often nothing in the house to eat? When I go to the store with no menus and no list, I return home with $50 worth of chips and snacks and little…

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Web Hosting

Restaurant Business The Art Of Menu Writing

The Art of Menu Writing – the Secret to the Overall Success of any Restaurant Among the most consistent fixtures in any decent restaurant are the menus. They are one of the first things that greet you when you enter your favorite eating place as they are usually posted at the entrance or immediately handed to you once you are…

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Computers Technology

Working With Computers

In Today’s Society, There’s No Escape Well, we’ve been warned that this time would come – probably from the earlier eighties on. Yes, computers have finally taken over and if you doubt it, we’re here to convince you – but not because we want to or because we can. We want to convince you that if you don’t take the…

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