Incarcerated Fathers And Their Children Find New Life

A group of inmates are learning how to breathe new life into their relationships with their children through a unique program at a maximum security prison. Through the 4-H LIFE-Living Interactive Family Education program at the Potosi Correctional Center in Mineral Point, Mo., youth build relationships with their incarcerated fathers through 4-H club work. Developed jointly between the fathers and…

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Tech Teen Makes Cents With Tractors

The first time one of Jenna Greckel’s clients told her to put her father on the phone, she convinced him to change his mind and sold him a $6,000 tractor. Jenna, 18, has learned a lot about bridging age and information gaps since she was the first 4-Her in her Nebraska county to complete the 4-H Business Sense program. At…

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Kids Survive With Modern Camp Experience

Studying marine biology. Snow survival skills. Electricity. Wildlife tracking. At camp today, kids enjoy much more than the traditional crafts and canoes experience. 4-H offers a wide range of specialized camping programs all over the country where kids learn leadership, citizenship and life skills while they participate in fun activities. Shamee Hurd, 14, gets a charge out of learning about…

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