This Is Not Your Dad S Republican Party Anymore

Stock markets are strange because they reflect the sum total of all our hopes, fears and prejudices at the end of each day. Every so often something big comes along that can have very strong influence on the stock market, and the direction the market is going to take. Bear markets when they do come, come out of nowhere. Everybody…

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Rocking The Vote In 2008

The story arc of Shades of Darkness, Shades of Grace covers five years and three elections. Set in Minnesota, home to the nation’s highest voter turn-out, the Pierson family understands that voting is not a right but a privilege, and one they exercise regularly. With 2008 a presidential election year, readers of the novel might view Minnesota as an example…

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Heal Our Republic Change Our Electoral System

Consider the presidential election system we have today: Every state has a number of electors, equal to their amount of representatives and senators, who vote for the President of the United States. In most states, every elector goes to the candidate who achieves the most popular votes, regardless of his margin of victory. This means: 1. Presidential candidates have little…

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