The Recovery Of The Bald Eagle

Most experts expected the bald eagle to become extinct during the 20th century, but this American symbol has since reversed its decline and begun to recover. Experts realized in 1940 that the species had become endangered, and a law was passed to offer it protection from hunters- the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act. Even after the hunting stopped, there…

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Unpatriotic Threat To American Eagle Habitat

New York Regional Interconnect, Inc. (NYRI) plans to install 200 miles of 400-kilovolt 1200 megawatt DC power-transmission lines from the town of Marcy, NY near Utica, to the town of New Windsor in Orange County to supply power to New York City and Long Island. 73 miles of this line would be constructed along the railroad tracks on the Pennsylvania…

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Find And Keep Your Fish On Target Eagle Seafinder 480

You already know how important owning a fishfinder is for a succcessful fishing trip, but owning an Eagle is even better. The Eagle SeaFinder 480DF is just one of several of the fish finders that you can easily benefit from using. It packs quite a punch in the way of features and will leave you wondering why you ever fished…

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