Destination Philippines Dumaguete The City Of Gentle People

Located at the southern tip of Negros Island in the province of Negros Oriental, Dumaguete is fast becoming the destination of choice for a wide variety of people. Foreign and local tourists alike, favor Dumaguete for certain advantages that this place has over the other tourist spots in the Philippines. It isn’t as busy as Cebu or Davao, certainly more…

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Dumaguete The Capital Of Negros Oriental In The Philippines

The city called Dumaguete in the Philippines is named after the word “daggit” which is from a local dialect of Visaya which means “to snatch” or “to swoop”. Dumaguete City was named as such for the pirates that had always been active in the coastal city, Dumaguete long time ago. Historically rich in culture from many years ago, the city…

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