How To Fill An Intake Information Form For A Lemon Car

This article describes the principal information needed to correctly fill an intake

information form concerning a lemon car.

Besides elementary information such as your name, address, phone, fax and or email,

mandatory information concerning your vehicle must be precised. More than 8 information concern your vehicle, and you have to be ready to provide the following :

* Year, make and model of your car.

* Date it was purchased.

* Was your car a leased or a purchased car ?

* Tthe approximate mileage of your car when you took possession.

* The current mileage.

* Where was this car bought ?

* While in your possession, has this vehicle been damaged or eventually wrecked ? You

will have to be as precise as possible when describing the damages.

* Is this car used for your personal use or for business ? If it is for business, you should be able to give a % of the total mileage.

After this, problems concerning your car will have to be detailed as precisely as possible.

Once more, you should be ready to answer the following 11 questions :

* Has your vehicle been in the repair shop ? How many times?

* Does the problem/defect still exist ?

* How many calendar days has your car been out of service because of maintenance at the repair shop ?

* Where was it repaired ?

* Do you have repairs orders for all the repair attempts ?

* Do you also have repairs orders that can help you determine the number of days

the vehicle was out of service because of repairs ? If you are not in possession of

all these precious documents, ask your dealer to provide them for you.

* You should make a list of all experimented problems, the number of kilometers to

the dealer for each problem and whether you think the problem is fixed or not.

* Do you think the dealer lied about the car during the negotiations before its purchase?

And why ?

* Are you in possession of written and dated communication with the manufacturer ?

* Are you in possession of written and dated communication with the dealer ?

* Have you asked for a refund ? if yes, what was the response ?

Now, you will have to tell about the purchase of your vehicle.

* How did you finance your vehicle ? Was it through the dealer and were you encouraged to finance it through them ?

* If financed, please provide your interest rate loan, the name and address of the bank.

* What is the monthly payment and how many payments have already been made ?

* What was your down payment ?

* If any, what was given for you trade-in value ?

Filing an intake information form for a lemon car will, as you see, require a lot of information about the vehicle and its history. If you expect good results, we advice you to keep a written track of every fact in the history of you car.

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